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Maritime Paper Products Ltd Covid-19 Update

At Maritime Paper we are taking current events very seriously.

The safety of our customers, our vendors, and our employees is our top priority.

We are doing everything we can to provide a safe environment during these difficult times.

Maritime Paper’s Sustainable Practices

Maritime Paper endorses sustainability in its three forms: environmental, social and economic.

For decades, we have represented a system of manufacturing that leads the way in sustainability and which has been ingrained in the way we’ve done business for decades.

This means impressive quality in corrugated design, production and printing while maintaining a consistent environmental focus.

Our corrugated boxes are made from a renewable resource and from mostly 100% recycled content materials. Maritime Paper is a proud supporter of PPEC, the industry’s environmental council. Visit the PPEC website for additional factsheets and blogs containing information on the environmental aspects of paper packaging in Canada.


Maritime Paper’s EcoAdvance® Program

EcoAdvance® represents a host of tangible products and services designed to benefit our collective success, customers, company and environment alike. Those products and services include the following:

  EcoAdvance® Packaging Audit: Seamlessly managed regulations. Communicating sustainability.
  EnviroShield® Coatings: Once landfill-bound packaging now enters the recycling stream.
  Closed loop recycling: Inter-connected resources. One point of contact.

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