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Maritime Paper is committed to upholding sustainability in all its environmental, social, and economic dimensions.

Throughout our long history, we have been pioneers in sustainable manufacturing practices, which have become an integral part of our business operations.

This dedication is reflected in our exceptional quality standards for corrugated design, production, and printing, all while maintaining a steadfast focus on environmental preservation. Our corrugated boxes are manufactured using a renewable resource and predominantly consist of materials derived from mostly 100% recycled content.

As a staunch supporter of PPEC (Paper and Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council), Maritime Paper actively contributes to the industry's environmental initiatives. To access further information regarding the environmental aspects of paper packaging in Canada, we encourage you to visit the PPEC website, where you'll find informative factsheets and insightful blogs.

At Maritime Paper, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is deeply ingrained in our values, operations, and aspirations. We are committed to delivering exceptional quality in our corrugated products while minimizing our environmental footprint and contributing to a greener future.



EcoAdvance® represents a host of tangible products and services designed to benefit our collective success, customers, company and environment alike. Those products and services include the following:

  EcoAdvance® Packaging Audit: Seamlessly managed regulations. Communicating sustainability.
  EnviroShield® Coatings: Once landfill-bound packaging now enters the recycling stream.
  Closed loop recycling: Inter-connected resources. One point of contact.

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