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The EcoAdvance® Packaging Audit reports innovative ways to improve, resolve and save.

The goal is to identify opportunities, streamline current packaging, innovate more effective packaging, and to limit environmental impact.


Conducted through on-site visits, our audit team works closely with structural designers and a full complement of dedicated tools to ensure the best possible results.

Packaging design, overall weight, consolidation, trailer and pallet utilization and logistics are included in the scope of the audit.

CAD and specialized cutting tables can deliver prototypes to assist in the optimization. The audit employs integrated graphic and structural design and materials selection for additional refinement.

Dedicated software technology determines best pallet utilization, be it for cubic efficiency, displays, load stability or inventory.

The final audit document relates specific results of the packaging audit scope, outlines findings and data. It also includes current specifications, range of products, and suggested course of action.

The EcoAdvance® Packaging Audit has refined and improved corrugated products for both Canadian and international companies. We’ve performed testing for a variety of industries, including food packaging and automotive.

There is simply no better method to achieve total confidence.

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