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In order to provide their clients with quality packaging solutions, Maritime Paper’s facilities are equipped with a range of top-notch machines, including the following:

Martin 7 Colour HBL Die – Cutter

High graphics printer with multi-out capabilities.
Fully computerized ink density control, camera registration control and press side spectrophotometer quality systems.
This is a highly efficient production line that is fully robotic and capable of setting up the next order while running causing minimal downtime.

Martin 4 Colour High Speed Flexo Folder Gluer
High-speed precision flexo folder gluing line. Inline die-cutter, fully robotic take off with camera automated glue detection system. Also capable of setting up the next order while running.

Large Format 3 Colour Flexo Folder Gluers with Inline Die – Cutting Capability
Flexo folder gluers with various size configurations capable of producing larger dimension RSC cartons.

Specialty Gluing

J&L folder gluer capable of 4 and 6-corner pre-glued pop up cartons and trays.

Corrugator Technology
Our modern 98” BHS corrugator is equipped with inline automated quality control systems, diagnostic maintenance systems, and in line coating technology. This machine produces E, B and C Flutes for plain or pre-printed liners. As well, we are able to provide double wall configurations in EC, EB, BC and BB combinations.

Specialized Wax Alternative Packaging

100% recyclable wax alternative coatings. Our EnviroShield® coatings (one, plus and premium) are all fully recyclable. Each level of coating is specific to our customers’ requirements.

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