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design services

Structural & Design

At Maritime Paper Products, our integrated graphic and structural design department ensures our client’s products find the most economical package every time!  Utilizing a Computer Aided Design technology (CAD) along with our Kongsberg Cutting Table, prototypes can easily produced for exact fit prior to manufacturing.


CAD software can help illustrate the overall appearance of your design, optimize the final product, and create technical information for production.


Pallet configuration is an essential to help reduce our customers overall shipping costs.  Our structural Design Team will determine the best pallet pattern by utilizing our TOP’s software technology.  TOPS will automatically generate different pallet patterns for straight loads. Users can pick the one that best meets their needs, be it for cubic efficiency, store displays, load stability or inventory keeping.


Our team will visit on-site to conduct a packaging audit of your current product and report innovative ways to improve, resolve and save.  Read more here.

Kongsberg Cutting Table

Sustainable Packaging Model

Retail Ready Packaging